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Tomia Brookins


Born and raised in Atlanta Ga, Tommia has been producing events in the Atlanta area with her family since she was a college student. She inherited her passion for hosting, curating, and all things beauty from her mom, Maria, who is the original “Hostess With The Mostest.”

Tommia’s attention to detail, organization and facilitation skills, decorative flair, and passion for planning is what sets her apart and earned her and the Golden Touch Team an incomparable reputation. Tommia takes your desired vision, creates original concepts around them, and transform them into an unparalleled experience.

Tommia devotes an equal amount of attention to each and every client to ensure that you will wake up relaxed and worry free on the day of your event with total confidence in the execution of your event and the priceless memories created by the Golden Touch team.  When Tommia isn’t inventing memories, she enjoys spending time with her loving husband, family, doing ministry with her church family, being an active voice in
her community, writing, and going to concerts.

Portia Houze

Branding & Style Strategist

Portia is a native of Atlanta Ga and has been in the beauty industry for over 15
years She serves as an expert brand strategist and stylist for the Golden Touch
Team. Her experience as a salon owner, boutique owner, and lifetime
entrepreneur makes her a wealth of knowledge for our clients concerning all
things beauty and glam.


Dara Smith

Balloon Designer & Coordinator

Dara has been a part of the Golden Touch team since the beginning. She has a
keen knack for balloon design, color coordination, and is excellent with her hand
work. Her passion for crafting started right at home as a crafty colorful mom to
her two loving daughters, and eventually turned into a full-time business.

Janice Wells

Customs Specialist

Janice is the CEO of Seven13 Boutique Design Studio. She specializes in all things
custom for Golden Touch in which she combines your vision with her unique flair
which will surely set your event apart. Janice has been a creative her entire life
and her specialty is squeezing tons of love into every item.

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